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"I would highly recommend Hunter to any organization seeking someone with an intelligent, enthusiastic approach to any project."

Katie Long

Supply Chain Intern at FujiFilm SonoSite, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of attending Whitworth University with Hunter Smit for the last three years. Hunter is a hard working, smart, critical thinker who I would recommend for any position."

Noah Bartz

Marketing Intelligence Analyst at Mansfield Energy Corp

"It has been a privilege knowing Hunter as a friend and as a fellow business student. I've always known Hunter as someone who is incredibly driven. He's had clear goals since the beginning and its been exciting watching him grow in his skills and character. When others accept the fate of a bad or slow day, I've known Hunter to be the one who will keep moving forward no matter the odds. If he has a goal, I know he will do anything within his power to achieve that goal. Hunter is someone who can be trusted and is reliable."

Ryan Karsen

Ecommerce Manager at CityMac

"Hunter Smit is, without a doubt, the most hardworking, eager, and intelligent student I have had the privilege of working with. I met Hunter in late 2013 while both working at CityMac. Since then, we have worked on various projects together, including the launch of a new online ecommerce store and a new one-on-one training program we launched on a national level. Hunter’s positive approach and high attention to detail will make him a great addition and asset to any team."

Aimee Kennedy, M.S.

International and Out of State Admissions Counselor at California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

"Hunter was a great team player always willing to help out a coworker and help train workers on protocols and customer relations. Outstanding customer service skills and ability to understand a customers actual needs, even when they are unable to express their need."

Stuart Beeksma

Audit Associate at Wipfli LLP

"After multiple business undergrad classes together at Whitworth University, I can confidently recommend Hunter to any business position in his repertoire (management, marketing, accounting). Hunter is a driven and results-oriented individual with a passion for learning and innovation. As much as those words are thrown around today as buzz words, I think they truly do represent him. In the three years I've known him, he has constantly put himself outside of his comfort zone in order to achieve personal growth to push himself towards a goal. He is one of the few Whitworth students to regularly seek out professors in order to expand his learning, and excels similarly within the classroom. My hope is that companies and firms that come across Hunter's resume when he graduates this next year don't pass up a great opportunity to grow their organization's vision through such a great potential employee."

Mae Curtis

Marketing Student at Whitworth University

"Hunter exemplifies professionalism. He works hard to ensure any job or project he creates is catered to what the individual wants and needs. His extensive knowledge and understanding of technology and software are valuable to any job. I do not know many people that work as hard as he does in any setting. Above that, Hunter cares about the people he works with making him an easy and fun person to work with. His passion for people and technology makes him the perfect candidate for anything."

Keaton Oberlander

Student at Whitworth University

"I went to Whitworth with Hunter and he and I were in many group projects together. Time and time again, Hunter proved to be not only enjoyable to work with but also someone I could count on to get things done in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely recommend and look forward to working with Hunter again in the future and wish the best to him in his future."

Mike Madden

President at MTM Consulting

"As a consultant, Hunter supported our team to develop an innovative App for use in the Defense and Aerospace markets. He was very proactive and focused with the unique ability to analysis complex issues and propose creative solutions. Integrated extremely well with established team providing immediate contributions. Not afraid to take responsibility and lead. Strong ambition to learn and grow – will be a valuable asset to any organization upon graduation."

Ashgan Djalali

Sr. Facebook & Instagram Advertising Specialist at Greater Good

"Hunter brings an extremely high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to the work place that make him one of my favorite people to work with. Hunter is the type of person that will excel at anything he puts effort into. He is also a kind & compassionate person who truly cares about everyone around him. I will miss working with him very much!"

Ethan Clardy

Student at Whitworth University

"Hunter Smit is a hard working individual who can accomplish any task he is faced with. He strives to do the best work he can while doing so, both efficiently and effectively. He is very personable with anyone he interacts with and is a great person to build relationships with in the workplace. After working with Hunter for a year, I would humbly recommend him for any position, as I know he would do a remarkable job. Hunter has a heart for anyone he meets and the amount he cares for people is admirable. He cares about creating meaningful change within our workplace and his hard work does not go unnoticed. I would strongly recommend Hunter for consideration. Please contact me if you have any questions."

Nick Markman

Director of Client Success at Evocalize

"Hunter is a passionate and ambitious professional who possesses a potent blend of technical prowess and interpersonal skills. He is driven, detail-oriented and customers/clients love him. I had the pleasure of working with Hunter in both sales and writing-oriented roles and observed firsthand his ability to excel across various functional units. Hunter is sharp, diligent and brings a unique personality and perspective to the table. I'd highly recommend him as he makes a valuable asset to any team."

Arielle Van Peursem

Student at Whitworth University

"Hunter is one of the most technologically intelligent students that any working professional would dream of hiring. His understanding of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite, macOS, and Windows has proven to be essential in the various group projects that I have had the privilege of working in with him. He is a successful student as well as business professional carrying himself as a well-equipped leader through all areas of his life. I would highly recommend Hunter for anything."

Nate Islip

Student at Eastern Washington University

"Hunter Smit is a hardworking, intelligent and responsible individual who is constantly thinking of new ways to innovate and succeed as both a student and future businessman. He is also a strong leader, who takes charge of the task at hand and always produces high quality work. He stays focused on his work and its quality, but is always willing to help others if they need it."

Bill Molnar

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CityMac

"I have had the pleasure of working with Hunter at CityMac since 2013. Hunter has an innate ability and desire to succeed at any task that is put before him. Hunter's passion for knowledge, coupled with his eager ambition to help others, makes him a huge asset to any team. I would highly recommend Hunter to any organization seeking someone with an intelligent, enthusiastic approach to any project."

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Updated October 21, 2018.

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